Drew Michael - Stand-Up Comedy

“ … You ever think you’re a person but you’re actually an amalgamation of projections you’ve absorbed over 32 years? … That is brutal” - Drew Michael

In his one-hour special, Drew touches on the difficulty of having to discern between actually feeling a certain way versus justifying an insecurity. Thought provoking, isn’t it? I mean, who are we really? A collection of influence. Whether it be nature or nurture that amalgamation of projections we’ve absorbed is what we are. I guess at first it’s a daunting thought because I want to feel and believe that I’m something more sturdy. More reliable. But I’m actually a continuously evolving thing. We all are. And how we choose to evolve is informed by the influence(s) we take in. It’s not as big a mind fuck that I once thought it would be. The fact is that we’re all evolving, albeit in various directions, some are just more grounded in knowing what that evolution entails.

~ Sunday 09.09.2018 @ 2:26pm

Tony OrtizComment