Levels of Reality

There are different levels of reality. You know how they say perception is reality? That’s one. Another level or layer if you will, would be that intent is reality. The true intent of ones actions or inactions. Sometimes shrouded in doubt, hesitation, fear and/or shame, lies how you really wanted to act. How you really wanted to be. That layer of reality that is known to you and often to you alone. The intent behind committing a crime usually translates into adding a degree or two to a sentence, yet positive intent translates into a void of what could have been. How do we make it so that our positive intent becomes our reality?

Let’s focus on those resistant factors that don’t allow our intent to permeate into the realm of perception. Take yourself out of the equation objectively and make your decisions and subsequently your actions, echo the sentiment of your intent. Lets change ourselves in this way, and in doing so, do our part in changing the world.

~ Sunday 11.01.2015 @ 10:50AM