Let Yourself Out

THE GREATEST version of yourself is dying to come out. It’s practically oozing out of your pores. But you stifle it.  You stop it. You postpone it. You get in your own way, piling up hurdle upon hurdle, instead of clearing the path to allow you to rise from the ashes of your unfulfilled self. Break that trend and stop that trajectory. You’re digging a hole so deep for yourself that before you know it - will become the grave of the life that could’ve been. Build up to the you that you need to become. We elevate each other by lifting ourselves. It’s your duty, your calling not to squander it. We’re all in this together but it begins and ends with you. Don’t waste that talent. Nurture it and allow it to have the everlasting ripple-effect impact that it was meant to have. Throw a pebble of effort into the pool of the universe each day … and lets get started.

~ Sunday 07.05.2015 @ 11:33PM

Tony OrtizComment