Is there an, after-consciousness?

Consciousness, collective or not, seems to be eternal.  It feels as if it is.  Is that just ego speaking to justify its (my) own existence or is it a valid, unbiased point?  Does consciousness become aware and awake, in the way that we relate to it ... but to something that we cannot yet wrap our heads around?  The moment your consciousness continues and you no longer do, does it recall all past existence or just your own?  Can you continue to move toward an existence that stems from how you were, or are you, or is it, rather, just something completely different and currently unfathomable?  There seems to be a fluidity to it.  An ongoing, carefree, infinite tone to it all.  An 'everything's gonna be alright' - type of vibe.  And why not when infinity is your time-line right?  My question is; is there an after -  consciousness?

~ Wednesday 10.16.2013 @ 12:12am

Tony OrtizComment