How to Create a Goal Setting (and achieving) Strategy

You should have a goal setting and achieving strategy. A fundamental system in place by which you can measure your accomplishments, or lack there of. A way to gauge yourself against your desires. Here are two different approaches, both of which I use interchangeably as I take aim toward a goal.

  1. Set attainable goals. Purposely, attainable. In an under promise - over deliver way. This way you inch yourself toward said goal. Each smaller achievable goal serving as a stepping stone. A small burst of motivation coming from each momentum building, achieved goal.

  2. Set massive, monumental goals. You want the Sun, the Moon and the Stars? - Go for it! This will balance your big picture pursuits with your incremental changes.

Either approach can prove to be effective if you implement a couple of mental safe guard mechanisms: When you’re using approach #1, you can’t get discouraged. That’s it. Just that one thing. Do not get discouraged. Don’t view the incremental gains as a means to an end. If you apply this method it’s because the mini-victories along the way will boost you. They’ll keep you engaged and motivated. Don’t allow yourself to get discouraged by “how many more” gains you need to achieve the big picture goal. Adjust your perception.

When you’re using approach #2, you can’t be against adjusting downward. Amending your benchmarks according to your progress. This allows for the fluidity needed when the inevitable curveballs that life throws at you, come your way. Understand that your goal is static. It’s not changing (unless you want it to) but the path to it can and will. Be okay with that. Also, find in yourself the ability to realize that you already have the Sun, the Moon and all of the Stars in the Sky … maybe just not in the way you thought. Look up. Look around.

~ Monday 04.25.2016 @ 9:53am