Elevate Yourself

MAKE THE next one better. The next … everything.  Whatever ‘next’ is or will be … make it better. From the most menial task to an intricate more elaborate plan. Whatever you’re doing now, whatever you’re in front of … do it better than the last time you did that particular thing. Examples? – Cutting your toenails, reading this book, writing a story, watching a movie, washing your hands, typing, driving, running, thinking, etc. You get the idea. Anything and everything is something that is/can be enhanced … so do it better. Improve. This is how you elevate yourself. You know that feeling you get when moments after you’ve spoken to someone, (usually in passing but not necessarily), and you think of the “perfect thing you should’ve said” … less of that.  More new and improved versions of you, on every level. On a microbial, culture of flora, eco-systematic type of level. Making up a collectively enhanced version of you.

~ Saturday 01.25.2014 @ 12:22am

Tony OrtizComment