Don't Worry

WHEN YOU begin to worry, stop. Take a deep breathe. Think about what your worrying is accomplishing. After you determine the inevitable answer: Nothing, move on to focusing your time, energy and emotional state towards fixing whatever it was/is that made you so upset. Start with the root cause; How did this happen? What caused the occurrence to take place … then, take the proper steps to eliminate that catalyst. A lot of what we worry about and concern ourselves with is fixable with the correct approach. The things that aren’t in our control, that we tend to worry about … the ‘bigger’ things, wont shift in either direction due to our worrying … so focus on positioning yourself to be in a better state of mind and place to handle the repercussions as they occur. Easier said than done, but doable.

~Tuesday 05.26.15 @ 07:56am

Tony OrtizComment