“A chunk of yesterday tryin’ to be today” - Rocky Balboa

Sylvester Stallone says this line during the movie, while playing Rocky and in reference to himself. It was one of those cinema moments that just jumps out of the screen and into your soul, your psyche. It made me contemplate and think about where he had to be, emotionally to feel as if his present and future weren’t measuring up in some way to his past. It made me contemplate how many times my present and imminent future hasn’t stacked up to the goals I had for myself in the past.

Instead of wallowing in it though, and contemplating the lapsed time and lost opportunities, pull that past energy into the present, and make up for lost time, now. Why not, right? That’s how you can cross-pollinate desires, time and opportunity.

~ Thursday 06.06.2019 @ 4:34pm