Be deserving of a Perfect Moment

It’s pretty instant.  As soon as the pen touches the paper.  It seems to burst out.  It all begins to flow.  Thoughts of nothing become something.  Or maybe they stay nothing.  None-the-less, they come out almost as if to serve a purpose.  Not really going ‘where they’ve always belonged’ or ‘returning home’ per say, but sort of like they’re an important catalyst or precursor to something more.  Something not yet in existence but needing to be. – Not in a grandiose type of way, but in a ‘for me’ type of way.  “Whatever will be, will be”, and whatever it is will take practice.  Practice makes perfect and ‘perfection’ requires work so that when opportunity, preparation and luck triangulate and cross paths … the moment can be guided and executed the way it deserves to be.  Be deserving of a perfect moment.

~ Thursday 08.01.13 @ 12:35am

Tony OrtizComment