Whats your music sound like?

A writers - block - session is what i'm going to call these.  When I have nothing to say, but that nothing still needs to come out.  I already have more than I thought I would.  The pen just needs to touch the paper.  If even only for practice-sake.  For writing endurance.  For better penmanship at the very least.  Point is that the work alone, yields something.  "A life lived for Art, is never a life wasted".  The pen touching the paper is like the needle of a vinyl record player.  The paper is the record and the muse feeding the words, is the music.  Without fail, it's always there for you when you make yourself able to do the work and put your pen to the paper.  What's your music sound like?  I'm fine tuning mine.

~ Thursday 05.09.13 @ 1:10am 

Tony Ortiz1 Comment