Nobody is Necessarily Necessary

Nobody is worth making you feel like you can't be you.  Ever.  One thing is different ... or it is different rather, to reserve judgment out of courtesy, or act a certain way towards a relative, older person, authority figure, etc. out of respect.  It's another thing to feel shamed into not expressing certain ideas, thoughts, concerns and input.  Anyone that is that stifling to you, doesn't need to be around you.  You make that decision.  It's not case-by-case, it's not circumstantial.  Nobody is necessarily necessary.  Don't get me wrong, constructive criticism is essential ... and someone coming at you from a good place and pointing out something you did or are doing, that is wrong, is beneficial to our development and growth as individuals.  But the negative, ego-driven, hate/animosity undertone is not only unnecessary, it's detrimental.  It has a reverse, negative effect on you as a person.  But the good news is that it is completely under your discretion.

~ Wednesday 04.24.13 @ 12:23am

Tony OrtizComment