Fork in your decision-making road

Things can always be worse, but they can always be better too.  It's up to you to decide which route to take when you reach that fork in your decision-making road.  Of course things are going to happen that are out of your control or that set you off course and take you in the opposite direction than you intended to be going in ... but that's when your resolve and dedication to your path kick into over-drive ... or don't.  It may seem nonsensical, but your mood and general outlook play a general guiding role in that.  If you decide to beat yourself up and dwell on the negativity, you're refusing to move forward.  Even if you think you are, or are capable of still moving forward, you're not.  You're fooling yourself.  That negativity snowballs and grabs other negative aspects of your life or aspects that you feel you can be doing better in, and brings them to the forefront of your mind.  Misery loves company, right?  Negativity comes in all different shapes and sizes, colors and textures, so it may be hard to recognize ... but you can train yourself to.  Cleanse yourself of it wherever and whenever possible.  Hate, jealousy, envy, greed, self-loathing, all forms of negativity.  They all exist but don't have to.  Flip it on them.  Substitute in Love, trust, admiration, generosity, belief in yourself, pride (but not the selfish-stubborn kind, the motivating 'I can do this' kind).  The former is just negativity disguised.  Just like the negativity snowballs, so does the positivity.  Set the course of which way it goes, by the choices you make.  And again, there's no exact right and wrong, good and bad. - There's just right and wrong and good and bad FOR YOU.  You decide what that means.  Do away with the negative thoughts and actions, negative beliefs and people, each and every one of those are dispensable if you're trying to be positive ... they're just negativity disguised.  Does positivity disguise itself too?

~ Wednesday 04.10.13 @ 12:30am

Tony OrtizComment