BBC Radio Interview - Zane Lowe & Emin∃m

(Eminem speaking about meeting Rick Rubin and his vibe in the studio - about 11:13 into the interview)

Eminem: ...But sometimes ideas, you know, they're not always the greatest.

Zane: Don't be afraid to fail, basically, to get somewhere else.  To get on the journey. 

Eminem: Absolutely.  So if you say one thing that's gonna spark another thing, to lead to a better know, that's kinda how it went.


Followthrough, longevity and persistent determination, make the difference between getting on he path and staying the path.  There should be a deeper appreciation for the process that is the journey.  The masterpiece does not come to fruition without all of its pieces coming together.  It doesn't will itself into existence in polished, finished, show-room ready form.  Ideas need to flow through the unique and enriching phase that is the creative process.  Get out of your own way.

~ Monday 1.13.14 @ 11:49pm


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