The religious fog machine

Again with this intolerance.  This foggy mass psychosis perpetuated by religious neurosis.  Why impose this?  What part of you really feels as if it's ok?  What part of you feels that sending someone on their way because they don't see things in the same way, are just?  You need a psychological lobotomy.  The haze thats created by the fog machine that is your religion, has you gassed up.  Do you honestly, objectively believe that this is what he, she, it wants?  If so, why isn't it what was wanted of your victim?  What a sadistic terrifyingly sad existence.  May your victims face seem to be filled with elation, in comparison to yours when you're confronted with your reality.  May your version of the heavens be a suffocating melody of fire and rain ... until that evil is slain.

~ Wednesday 01.28.15 @ 11:02pm