Don't miss out on a Better You

What changes you?  Are all parts and aspects of you susceptible to change – or is there a core, unalterable “you”?  That sounds more like it to me.  The best of both worlds.  You have what makes you, uniquely ‘you’, and you also have the absorbent ability to accept additional knowledge and change accordingly.  What causes these changes? – Not as in; ‘what events cause this’? - but as in; ‘what within you evokes this green-light effect in which you allow certain events or experiences to effect you in some way, shape or form.  What within you allows a book to have such a profound connection, that it opens up your eyes to never before considered angles and interpretations.  What allows the conversation of a Podcast to expand your mind?  What allows (un-skewed) data from a recent news article, to aid in shaping a Political opinion?  It’s all a question of what do you let in to truly analyze and objectively tackle.  It all boils down to a choice … make yourself open enough not to miss out on a better you.  

~ Sunday 07/21/13 @ 11:51pm

Tony OrtizComment