Unpacking Problems

I won't pretend to know how to solve problems that are so layered, rooted and intertwined that sometimes the wrong answer is the right and vice versa.  But not knowing the answer can't be an acceptable result.  This is the point in time where even more attention to detail is needed.  Where a thorough breakdown of the issues are required.  Put the foreseeable necessary bandaids in place (and add a few more down the line as needed) and begin to unravel the issues enough to compartmentalize them into dissectible and manageable sections.  Now you have digestible issues, albeit many in quantity, that you can begin to work on.  It's a starting point that if executed discerningly, can lead to a systemic correction of the issues.  When all is put back together you should be in a better place than where you initially started from, but if not ... rinse, wash and repeat until you are.  

~ Friday 10/30/15 @ 7:49am

Tony OrtizComment