Why not World Peace?

"...mans aspirations toward peace through mutual understanding..." - Worlds Fair 04/22/1964

What a concept. What keeps it from coming to fruition?  Vices like greed and ego and any other combination of seemingly rational thought, irrationally acting in favor of self preservation and self preservation alone.  How difficult would a utopian society be, with a mantra of mutual understanding?  It's impossible, right?  It could never happen.  We can't all get along ... that's to far fetched.  To grandiose an idea.  But why?  Why not have a; "Difficult takes a day, impossible takes a week" mindset?  Why not take a grandiose stance and approach to match a grandiose problem.  Like a cancer, our differences and lack of mutual understanding are keeping us from our mutual goal of peace and prosperity ... and we're letting it.  Sitting back, finding newer and more creative ways to enhance our differences, instead of implementing those innovations of telling differences to enhance positivity and growth.  We're all guilty of it, myself included.  But really don't have to be.  Wanting the best for ourselves, our families and our friends, shouldn't be treated as some scarce natural resource.  It should be as plentiful and as giving as infinity.  An endless supply and amount to go around, given so much so , that it never has to be taken.  From every land mass and body of water, to every blade of grass and grain of sand ... peace through mutual understanding.

~ Friday 07/05/13 @ 7:13pm

Tony OrtizComment