Wonderwall - Oasis

"...and all the roads that lead you there are winding, and all the lights that light the way are blinding..."

The path is there, for you to take or there's one that you need to make. - Either way there's a decision that needs to be made and a conscious effort that needs to be put forth.  If and when you begin to walk your path and you're confronted with trials and obstacles, know that that's when you need to push forth with an even higher, increased persistent determination.  The path your road takes will wind in all different unexpected directions.  Some better than others.  Some even seemingly better than the initial direction you intended to go in.  Which exit you take while on that road is entirely up to you.  Circumstantial decisions happen only in your head.  The lights on the path are the plethora of people that you'll inevitably meet.  Some will blind you.  Maliciously to throw you off of your path, for an array of justifiable (to only themselves) reasons; like wanting you to follow their path or in a 'misery loving company' way, where they want to bring you down to either join them or because they feel they can't be 'up' when you are, etc.

Then there will be lights that illuminate the road for you, respect your path, contribute to it and help you along.  The non-malicious blinding lights can be just as harmful, if not more.  How? - by distracting you, because you're busy being a light to their respective paths.  Focus on your path and the roads you need to navigate.  It's completely within your ability and quite literally within your control, to dim the blinding lights and tread your illuminated path.  "When you get there, remember where you came from".

~ Thursday 11.21.13 @ 1:05am

Tony OrtizComment