The Tools - Phil Stutz & Barry Michels

"...Oliver Wendell Holmes in The voiceless: 'Alas for those that never sing, /But die with all their music in them."

Sing your song.  If for no one else, do it for yourself.  If for no other reason, do it for the sake of doing it.  Make that 'what if' feeling an after thought.  Get yourself to a point where it's a 'never was'.  There is something in you.  There is in all of us.  And not just one thing, it can be plenty.  Hopes and desires.  Goals and achievements.  Can't think of any?  Haven't found it yet?  Look harder.  Look deeper.  Summon the wonderment of the child inside you that once wanted to be an Astronaut.  Try different things.  Challenge yourself and do at least 'one thing every day that scares you.'  You'll get it you'll find it, or it'll find you.  Self expression wants to be expressed.  No matter how trivial or grandiose your 'it' may seem, jump in head first.  Scratch that - dive into the deep end, doing the cannon-ball.  Immerse yourself in yourself and your thing.  Your hobby.  Your craft.  Make it an extension of you, and grow from/with it.

~ Tuesday 10.29.13 @ 11:35pm

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