Gone for Good - Everlast

"...got a part-time job, got a full-time hobby..."


Imagine being responsible enough to be irresponsible, jumping in the deep end, head first, and entrenching yourself in your hobby.  Your passion.  Your subconscious' focus.  Making the day-to-day routine a secondary thought in the grand scheme of your primary focus.  Swapping their current roles with each other.  Being able to do what you love more often than anything else that you do.  Isn't that the way that it should always be?  That's the way it should be for us to be, mentally, where we want to be.  The ability, the chance to do what we enjoy doing, allows us or gives us the opportunity to proliferate our passion.  Share it.  Expand it.  What a much better enjoyable space we'd all be in.  Start today in giving your hobby a priority.  No matter how obscure you may think it to be.  Give it the fighting chance it needs and deserves to make it all around a better place a better Space.

~ Sunday 8.25.13 @1:02am 

Tony OrtizComment