Blink - Malcolm Gladwell

"The key to good decision making is not knowledge.  It is understanding.  We are swimming in the former.  We are desperately lacking in the latter."


This screams out 'missing the forest for the trees.'  Getting caught up in the details.  Not going with your gut.  Being mechanical & not logical.  Being part of an assembly line and having no clue what the final product looks like, or what it even is.  That's how most of us carry out our lives, isn't it?  I mean, routinely going through it, methodically.  Systematically living out a mundane existence, without 'stoping to look around once in a while before we miss it.'  On many different levels this seems to bode true.  Decisions based on knowledge - 'this goes here because that goes there.'  But why does that go there and this, here?  Not grasping a true understanding because the knowledge will and given the context always does, suffice.  It's like doing what's needed just to get by, kind of.  Like living out your existence in a 'get to the next benchmark' fashion.  What of our race?  our Species?  Are we as a whole acting or living out our lives this way on a grander scale?  In the macro, knowing about poverty, illness, inequality, hunger, cruelty and the endless perils that plague us ... but not understanding them enough to lift their suffocating weight off of our proverbial shoulders.  What of our galaxy?  The Universe?  Or the esoteric idea of a multiverse?   What about things that we cannot even imagine exist; to try and wrap our heads around?  Where we are, by definition, without knowledge and understanding?  We're certainly dead in the water there.  Balance is needed.  Consistent balance of both knowledge and understanding.  But like a teetering seesaw, it is too easy, too comfortable and to familiar to find solace on either side of the spectrum ... But why?

~ Thursday 8.22.13 @ 9:37pm

Tony OrtizComment